Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Ouch!" - losers lose

Late in the day on June 22, 2010 a preliminary news report was released regarding confirmation of the October 8, 2009 Science paper on the connection of XMRV and CFS/ME. The report indicates that both the FDA and the NIH have confirmed the association of XMRV with CFS/ME and the potential that this retrovirus is communicable. You can read about is here. This confirmation was a long time in coming, and a great deal of momentum was lost in the interval. However, the moment of truth has now arrived and, for those in the know, it is not surprising news.

The game that has been played for the last eight or nine months is over. The WPI, this small outfit now rising up very large from the beautiful northern Nevada desert, has won. Suddenly the losers have to get on a long uncomfortable train ride to nowhere and eat bad food. The real winners can now get down to business - and things can move forward.

With this very great bit of news, the WPI and their outreach friends can move on to testing, expanded research and treatment options for this nasty illness.

Here are comments of Hillary Johnson.


  1. I wouldn't declare victory and go home just yet. The new study wins an important battle, but the denialists aren't going to play dead. They'll publish more negative (non)replication studies, and the media will dutifully report them without scratching even a millimeter beneath the surface. We still haven't heard from the CDC.

    It IS a very great bit of news, though. I've been in a good mood ever since hearing it. :)

  2. Mmmm yeah, very eager to see what happens next. It is great news ... but ..... it doesn't mean things will automatically move forward just yet .... I do hope I'm wrong, LOL

  3. This will go a long way towards validation and accurate classification of our illness. I can't see the CDC de-bunking this, how can they? (Yeah, probabaly shouldn't have said that, I just jinxed myself). I am fairly positive that teh boys in the backrooms in the NIH,FDA,CDC had to agree/support what is being published. Last thing they need is a debate between the CDC about the validity of the NIH, CC and NCI findings of the association. But I am sure the UK et. all will continue to balk for a bit longer.

  4. Toadlily: Rumor has it that the CDC failed to replicate. If true, we'll see how all that falls out, and whether the CDC accuses the NIH of doing it wrong.

  5. Like Lee Lee, I am eager to see what will happen next. I am also frustrated that it hasn't been widely reported!