Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Squeeze

The Patient Advocate was pleased to read the announcement on the CAA site that the NIH study would be published soon. This is very good news. The Patient Advocate has formed his own conclusions. The CDC blundered badly in withholding this study. It was a desperate and demented act, indicating a serious imbalance in their sense of reality. Their idea that the NIH should test the CDC samples was an equally dumb idea, designed to delay the NIH results as long as possible. This unprecedented and tangled form of testing is obviously not now going to happen. Provided that this CAA report is accurate, it appears that the CDC, or more likely "higher ups" in the HHC, have temporarily come to their senses. After a short delay the NIH paper will be released in an unmolested form.

These types of reversals do not "just happen", or occur in a vacuum. What happened? Someone had a little "sit down" with the CDC (each person can imagine who took part in this meeting) and the Big Squeeze took place. Reality took hold - and the HHS caved in - obviously realizing the consequences of trying to hold up an important paper like this. The choice that the CDC scientists faced were not without consequences - and we can imagine that they were one of two items: either a class action lawsuit or a House investigation. This science stuff is serious business, especially where truth is in the balance. One can imagine that the CDC scientists performed poorly once the questioning started and they actually had to answer something. If this report from the CAA is true, the CDC got rolled on this one, and the sequence of events indicates that CFS/ME has staunch advocates and battlers who will defend our interests. This is my belief and has been so for some time now -in spite of the momentum looking as if it were going the wrong way. Hopefully now the science can move forward and those interested in the direction of recent research, not only at the WPI, but at other labs (with additional labs to come), can enjoy a more positive flow to events.


  1. Love this! The thought of the CDC being 'squeezed'! Thxs for sharing your positive thoughts on this. Restored my faith!

  2. One can imagine that the CDC scientists performed poorly once the questioning started and they actually had to answer something.


    That ... is awesome. Thank you.

  3. OOH.......lovely. Keep up the squeezing I say!!

  4. This is amazing! Keep putting on the pressure!

  5. This is wonderful! I love the choice of words, they "temporarily came to their senses," and "reality took hold...". There could not be a better choice of words to convey what has been going on here. Thank you for this, Chris.

    Patricia Carter