Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stand back - wall collapsing

The NIH study is soon to be released.

Many things are coming together this next month. While there have been delays (and they are incredibly irritating), there is now a "great convergence". One confirmation study is about to surface - and there will be others. (All that is needed to get the ball rolling is this one NIH study.) Right now the wall is falling over, and it is going to fall on the bad guys and crush them. Never has their been a more deserving lot. Little or no effort will be made to dig them out. Some will be out with shovels, adding to the pile.

In the next few weeks, a new antibody test will be available from VIPdx. The lab is taking its time and wants to get this right. This in itself will be the best "confirmation study" - as increasing numbers of ill patients will test positive for XMRV. The test will be exported to various other labs, including Redlabs in Belgium, where some culture testing has already begun. Most importantly, next month, the Whittemore Peterson Institute will be dedicated on the University of Nevada campus in Reno, Nevada. This is the first institute- a large and beautiful structure - devoted to research and treatment of ME/CFS and other neuro-immune illnesses. Finally ME/CFS will have a home - a physical center for treatment and research.

Very soon full attention will be focussed on XMRV - and on trying to establish its involvement or causality in ME/CFS. Research will accelerate. Treatment protocols will be designed and, in this manner, the causality of XMRV will be established (just as in HIV). Patients, in trials, will be given drugs or a combination of drugs - and their immune response and viral loads will be tracked. GSK, Abbott and other pharmaceutical companies will get involved and design their own trials.

Some doctors already think that existing therapies for XMRV are available - either through inhibiting the virus (or viruses) or through regulating the immune system - or most likely a combination of the two. Working out protocols will take time. This is no easy matter, but at least - finally - there will be movement in the right direction. And most important, research will broaden and consolidate in ways that are hard to imagine at this time.

As one CFS clinician says regarding XMRV: "This is it! This is what we have been waiting for."

(No matter what one thinks of Harry Reid as a politiician, there is one certainty. Harry Reid is the best friend of CFS/ME in the United States government. It is fair to say that without Reid the WPI building would not have been built and that perhaps XMRV itself would not have been discovered. Harry Reid is currently in a close struggle with a Tea Party challenger. Anyone in Nevada who has CFS/ME, or knows anyone with CFS/ME, had better think twice before voting to oust Reid. It was no coincidence that Obama was in Las Vegas last week (campaigning for Harry Reid) on the very day that news arrived that the Alter study would be released soon. One can surmise that Reid and other Nevada representatives were in meetings last week shortly before this with the HHS regarding the absurd "scientific hold" of the NIH study. One can imagine the shuffling and stammering of the CDC scientists as their fingers were held to the flame. The shortest and most believable story is that Obama, on hearing from Reid of this pathetic move at the CDC, made a call and got the HHS "off the pot". Someone really jumped fast on this one - the clearest indication of an unexpected call "from the top". "Hey douchebag, the boss man wants you!")


  1. I can't resist: I love the first comment. I have no idea what it says, but it certainly gets my attention.

    I feel so much better reading this article. It is so good to have someone put all this into perspective. The Alter paper is going to be published and the new VIP Dx XMRV test is going to be on the market. These are the two good news items we need to focus on. Thank you, Patient Advocate.

    Patricia Carter

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