Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Patient Advocate is not clear on the blog protocol or etiquette on promoting another blog site. Certainly the PA lists the blogs that he reads regularly, but how does one highlight something beyond that? The fact of the matter is that some ME/CFS blogs rivet one's attention on a regular basis.

One of these exceptionally special blogs is maintained by Kyal, entitled Recently Kyal has taken on the anti-CFS American and UK establishment from his home in Australia. His detailed reporting on these interchanges is significant and revealing, and he is up to the task of engagement. What is most surprising is that this all comes from a chronically ill young person. Having a front row seat as this fellow guns down bureaucratic shitheads a half a world away is a real privilege. Towards the end of his recent blog post "The CDC Responds", quoting from Joseph Heller's Catch-22, Kyal shows that he deeply understands the mechanisms and mindset of the "poisonalities" at the CDC. Through polite deliberation and finely detailed argumentation, Kyal engages them -allowing them to hoist themselves on their own petard. They are no match for him and his persistent, sharp, articulate arguments. Of course, they don't have the "time" (or the brains) to properly answer his questions as they are Gogolian "important" people. This blog of Kyal's makes for very exciting reading - and it reveals, in a perverted and controlled way, the heart of the problem with the CDC (and others). For those who do not read Kyal's blog, the Patient Advocate suggests that you start now and give it a try. It might be to your taste. For the PA, it is the very best.

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