Thursday, December 30, 2010

Amy Dockser Marcus cited for XMRV coverage.

Amy Dockser Marcus was cited for her Health Blog on XMRV. This gal is a real old-fashioned journalist. She is one of a few who are keeping the tradition alive. Amy Marcus was on this XMRV story early and has kept after it. She has outstripped her competitors - such that they exist. Amy has an "attachment to the subject", the principle ingredient necessary, along with guts, for profound journalistic writing. While her interest is natural and springs from her instinctual gifts, this reportage is going to pay off big-time for her in the long run - and also for the rest of us. With all the delays built into the recognition of this pathogen, her telling the story to the end or the near-end is going to secure her another Pulitzer Prize. In the meantime it will be exciting to follow her journals. It is marvelous to see a person with real empathy get the attention that she richly deserves. Increasing amounts of people are tuned into her reporting of this unfolding disease drama. Single-handedly Amy Marcus is getting WSJ readers aware of and interested in this story. She is the real deal. Congratulations to her!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Happy New Year to you and your daughter. May 2011 be a very promising one for all of us! :-)