Thursday, December 23, 2010

InvestinME statement- Push Back

Today InvestinME joins forces with other like-minded people in pushing back on these recent "contamination" papers. Their statement can be found here. InvestinME sponsors the best conference on ME/CFS. This year's one-day conference will be held in London on May 20th.

IACFS should try to learn something from InvestinME, but, of course, this will not happen. IACFS is a larger feeding trough for so-called research, some of it very good, most not - the organization could benefit from paring down, and focussing.

This year's InvestinME conference will focus on treatment possibility for ME/CFS. It will present the leading researchers and clinicians willing to move forward in this illness with immediate treatment. InvestinME has understood since their beginning that research is the only answer to this nasty and serious illness. The organizers of this conference include Richard and Pia Simpson, and, incidentally, this excellent conference is privately funded. These InvestinME people are not waiting around for a government that will never show up.


  1. While I agree that IiME always has the very best of conferences, I am worried that only the well-off will be able to get the testing and treatments. So we must continue to pressure and bully the government(s) shamelessly, so the blinded testing goes forward quickly and then clinical trials are started. That's the only way we will get Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance to pay for the rest of us.

    Do support IiME if you are able...

  2. I feel like we, as a community, are lacking in having an organization or small group of people who are prepared to very quickly rebut something like the PR smear put on this past week. We should have had someone who has access to a couple of "our" researchers so that they can issue a counter to what they are putting out, almost to force the media to look further. Right now, I think that that is a big hole. They got all of that unrefuted press and we had bloggers. No offense to the bloggers. They were excellent. You are always excellent. It's just that we're kind of singing to the choir.