Monday, January 3, 2011

New York Times article - 1/3/2011

The NY Times published a very fine article today online. It was written by David Tuller. The article is balanced and reports the science surrounding the XMRV situation in a broad and neutral fashion. Perhaps the NY Times senses that there is a very real and developing story here? Perhaps it will make it into print in the Science section where thousands of people will read it? This is a very good article and it was great to see it.


  1. It is found in today's Health section. As usual in that section, there is both an article and a blog for commenting. Articles usually stay on the page for several weeks -- some seem to stay longer, perhaps based on readership over time.

  2. Pretty good article. I recall the PA was not so positive in his comments on the NY Times a few weeks ago.

  3. Thanks. The NYT did a great job with this. And thanks to Mary and Michael for speaking to them and representing us so well.