Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr. Marcus Conant, update

Dr. Marcus Conant was featured in a previous blog post. He gave an eloquent talk at the ILADS conference in Jersey City in October. This talk was received with great enthusiasm. An audio of this talk can be purchased here. This doctor shows up with hope in his hip pocket - and a helluva lot of moxie. Here is an article on Dr. Conant from the NY Times in 1992, written just about the same time that a retroviral association with ME/CFS was being sunk. This article gives a good account of this doctor's activism and devotion in saving people's lives. Everything recounted in this article about Dr. Marcus Conant was observed by this viewer at the ILADS conference. Dr. Conant is "all there, all the time".

Recently Dr. Conant has agreed to be on the Whittemore Peterson Institute's clinical advisory board.

This weekend Dr. Conant gives a talk at the HIV Opman clinical conference in Florida. The talk is entitled "The Association of XMRV with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Prostate Cancer, Autism and Transfusions". I had hoped to be able to film the lecture with my son Peter, but this did not work out. I look forward to hearing what Dr. Conant has to say.


  1. Thank you for the good news, Patient Advocate. I hope you'll let us know all about Dr. Conant's talk next week.

    Patricia Carter

  2. so is his talk available for viewing anywhere. wonder if any patients will attend his session and report out.

    hope so. love dr. conant and all he stands for and standsup for!!!

  3. Thanks for the update. It raises my spirits to hear he is interested in XMRV. Hope he focuses some on ME, in addition to Lyme.