Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Voices from the Shadows" trailer

Here is the trailer of "Voices from the Shadows", a film made by Natalie Boulton and her son Josh. We look forward to the video, as it is a powerful document - and a necessary one. Nothing will do more to jar people awake about the severity of ME/CFS than this video.

Here is the facebook page for "Voices from the Shadows", which will be presented at a film festival later this year.

With the making of this movie we have another example of individuals putting themselves on the line and making a difference. These two care-givers took the time to do this right and to produce a powerful documentary. Most of the material sprang from their own research and their closeness to ME/CFS - and they were motivated by personal as opposed to commercial reasons. They want to move things along. They want to draw attention to the serious nature of this illness and, in this way, propel research. This effort comes from the heart and the project is entirely self-financed. These two do not stand around waiting for someone else to finance their project. The video was not made to make money, but only to project the suffering of these patients to a larger world. In this, Josh and Natalie are going to be successful, and what they have made is a fine effort. I myself saw a preliminary cut and am anxious to see the finished version. I know it is going to be good, very good.

For those of you who might be interested, several years ago InvestinME sponsored the book "Lost Voices", which can be purchased here. This book anticipates in many ways the video "Voices from the Shadows" and the book carries great weight on its own. Recently the book, compiled and edited by Natalie Boulton, has received a renewed interest. It was handed out at the recent NIH State of Knowledge conference.


  1. Makes me weep and weep. So many buried feelings...the doctors who told me nothing was wrong, the psychologists (and a Jungian analyst) who wouldn't listen, and my family who continue to think I'm faking.

    Thank you Natalie, Josh, et. al. for this valuable contribution to our cause.

  2. My mum and I are so excited by this. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Usually what comes out of Britain is an embarrasement. I can't thank Josh and Natalie enough for telling it as it is.

  3. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for posting!

  4. Thanks for the site. I've been on a solo 17 year journey with CFIDS from (literally) a physician telling me to "look it up" myself to becoming a strong advocate, whose sought out only compassionate and educated physicians, battled Social Security, and educated hundreds of people; however it still remains, at times, a difficult and sorrowful journey. Props to the film makers ... it's way past due for this film!