Thursday, October 6, 2011

Online screening: Voices from the Shadows

Natalie Boulton and Josh Biggs' ME film "Voices from the Shadows" will be available for people in the USA and Canada to watch free of charge online - during the Mill Valley film festival, where the film is being premiered. The film festival runs from October 6th-16th and the free screening will be extended to October 30th. The film will be able to be accessed for streaming at It will not be downloadable.

This screening is available through a Mill Valley/MUBI collaboration. The will be more information on the website:

This is a timely event. Today is a very good day to reflect on the serious nature of this illness, Myalgic Encephalomyelistis - and to expand the knowledge base of information so that necessary research and treatment can move forward for these neglected and abused patients.

This is a must-see film.

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  1. Any idea how this can be viewed from the UK? I tried using a US-based proxy server, to no avail. Apparently, proxy servers don't always handle live streaming very well.