Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scott Forsgren on Dr. Samuel Shor

At the Ottawa 2011 IACFS/ME conference, Dr. Karen Vrchota pointed out to me Dr. Samuel Shor's important poster presentation. In this presentation, Dr. Shor outlines his experience of treating ME/CFS patients for Lyme disease.

Scott Forsgren runs an excellent website in which articulates his journey with Lyme disease. Scott does us all a great favor by writing summaries of many conferences and presentations. His website has a vast array of information on Lyme disease, diagnosis and treatment, and it is a good place to start in trying to educate oneself about the complexities of neuro-immune illnesses. There is a great deal of cross-over information on the treatment of neuroimmune illnesses on this site, information regarding parasites, environmental toxins, gut ecology, GcMAF and a host of other items.

Recently, Scott Forsgren published a very interesting article on Dr. Samuel Shor entitled "From IDSA to ILADS, A Journey Towards Reconciliation".

From Dr. Shor's observations, we can conclude that Lyme disease is part of the problem in a subset of ME'CFS patients. The clarity that Dr. Shor gives to this issue is very welcome. It becomes an even more powerful idea if this new culture Lyme test turns out to be useful in diagnosis. Many of us share the disconcerted feeling that Dr. Shor observed at an ILADS conference in 2004 - that there are great similarities in Lyme disease and ME/CFS - and yet they are seen often as quite separate worlds. Dr. Shor is making an important connection, and bringing some clarity to a complex puzzle.


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