Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ME Newry, Northern Ireland conference November 11, 2012

This is a video of a presentation of Rich van Konynenburg at the Mt. Sinai conference in NYC on November 20, 2011. Rich presented his concept of methylation blockage and glutathione depletion in ME/CFS. This video of Rich van Konynenburg at Mt. Sinai is a compressed version of a three-hour lecture given in Sweden, which can be seen here.

Rich van Konynenburg died suddenly on September 25, 2012. This was a tremendous loss for all of us. He was a very compassionate human being, with a very special mind and heart.

Rich was scheduled to speak at the 2012 conferences of ILADS in Boston on November 3, 2012 . At the ILADS conference, Dr. Neil Nathan, a long-time friend and collaborator, stepped in and presented a lecture of Rich's ideas about methylation blockage and glutathione depletion in ME/CFS. Dr. Nathan's lecture was based on Rich's notes. Neil Nathan did a fine job at a difficult assignment. Rich was also lined up to speak at the ME conference in Newry on November 11, 2012. Dr. Enlander, a long-time admirer of Rich van Konynenburg and the Chair of the conference, has dedicated the Newry ME conference to the memory of Rich van Konynenburg.

Speakers at the Newry conference include Dr. Charles Shepherd, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. William Weir, and Dr. Chris Roelant.

This video was made by Peter Cairns.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Rich is a terrible loss to us all.

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  3. Sat Oct 16, 2004 6:04 pm
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    Re: [cfs_research] Press Release -ME/CFS Conference

    Did he expand on that? Like why mold was all of sudden such a problem? A change
    in weather conditions????

    > Hi, Erik.
    > One thing you might be interested in:
    > I attended the conference, and I spoke with Dr. Kenny de Meirleir.
    Among other things, he said that he believes that the Truckee
    > outbreak of CFS was caused by mold.
    > Rich Vankonynenberg

    Hi Rich, I had heard this through my mold contacts.
    And also that Robert Suhadolnik had come around to considering this
    as well.
    It only took twenty years of screaming this for someone to finally
    What can I say?, except,


  4. Of that group pictured as going to the Newry conference, Dr Weir is the only one I haven't told my story of "Mold at Ground Zero for CFS" to.

    The rest are known to me as being well-aware
    of it.
    Especially Dr Judy Mikovits, who heard the entire thing in person, in her office at the WPI.

    I wonder why they don't care to discuss this phenomenon?
    Aren't we looking for interesting stuff?

  5. Apparently not.

    It's pretty clear that CFS researchers are in universal agreement that there is ONE stone which must be permanently left "unturned".

    The first one.