Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Microbial Ecosystem Therapeutics" - Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe, microbiologist

Following up on my post of probiotics and other ones on gut ecology, here is a recent lecture by Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe at the Universtiy of Guelph in Canada. It is entitled "A New Paradigm in Medicine: Microbial Ecosystem Therapeutics". Dr. Allen-Vercoe is a microbiologist and her biography can be found here.

This lecture is a good discussion of emerging research in gut ecology. Dr. Allen-Vercoe presents her own exciting research ideas including describing the "MET" project. She also speaks of regulatory problems in moving forward with this treatment. This part is worrisome.

The link was sent to me by an ME/CFS friend who prefers to remain anonymous. I thank him for this tip.

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  1. Very interesting, thanks Chris.

    The fact that a single dose of MET does away with C. Diff. and maintains that protection is very interesting. Makes me wonder whether there is a more powerful version of MAF or of administering it that would have bigger and faster effects for ME.