Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dr. Alan MacDonald on Lyme Disease

Here is the first half-hour of a three part interview with Dr. Alan MacDonald. I hope the other parts are available soon as what Dr. MacDonald has to say is very important. Many subjects surface in this interview and Dr. MacDonald strives mightily to bring clarity to the field of Lyme Disease.

I heard Dr. MacDonald speak at the ILADS conference in Boston and was totally amazed. I looked forward to hearing him again at Sue Vogan's Physicians Roundtable in Tampa in January 2013 but Dr. MacDonald was unable to make the conference at the last minute. Dr. MacDonald will be at the 2014 Physicians Roundtable next March, again in Tampa. In the meantime there is this very special video interview. There is also an audio interview with him on In Short Order, hosted by Sue Vogan - on Blog Talk Radio.

Dr. MacDonald works at Dr. Eva Sapi's lab at the University of New Haven.

The second part of this interview follows.

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