Friday, November 25, 2011

Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference - Dr Eric Schadt lecture

Dr. Eric Schadt gave the first lecture at the Mt. Sinai ME/CFS Center conference on Sunday November 20, 2011. This conference was organized by Dr. Derek Enlander and his colleagues at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC.

Dr. Schadt was recently hired by Mt. Sinai Hospital to head their Department of Genetics and Multiscale program. Here is an article in the NY Times about Dr. Schadt at the time of this hire. This article and others describe Dr. Schadt's visionary ideas. The lecture delineates how he will approach ME/CFS in his lab. There is a profile of Dr. Schadt in Esquire here. Dr Schadt will work with his colleagues Dr. Ila Singh, a virologist, and Dr. Miriam Merad, an immunologist, to get at this horrible illness of ME/CFS. The Mt. Sinai ME/CFS Center for research and treatment was initiated by a generous gift from a patient of Dr. Enlander.

Information will be forthcoming on how the ME/CFS community can support the work at Mt. Sinai.

This audio and video was made by Peter and Nicholas Cairns.


  1. thank you again for posting these videos. it is great to see a new face in the ME/CFS field.

    also, I appreciate that the lectures are being posted gradually instead of all at once. gives one a chance to view and absorb the material presented before moving on to the next.

  2. Very Cool! I can't wait for ME studies using this approach. It is certainly needed. Thank you again Chris and your family for making this available to us all over the world. Jill New Zeland

  3. Fascinating. Thanks so much for posting this. Now I'm going to go disinfect the fridge handle...

  4. Exciting science; great lecture; provides hope at a time when the both the patient and medical communities need it. Thank you to everyone who made this video possible and public.

  5. I'm excited Dr. Schadt is going to be working on this. I hope he is successful in connecting the dots, including from the existing research that has examined different aspects of the disease. Very interesting lecture, thank you so much for taping and posting!

  6. This is a fantastic lecture. The field of genetics will yield much information about CFS.

    One point I noticed is that geneticists were able to figure out the origin of the current cholera epidemic in Haiti in record time: four weeks.

    But 1/2 million Haitians have contracted the disease and 6,000 have died. Somehow the scientific findings didn't translate into aggressive action with medical staff and anti-cholera treatment and drugs on a mass scale being sent to Haiti to stop the epidemic.

    This is the follow-up that's needed to the medical discoveries.

  7. Thanks for posting all these lectures! Have you seen this documentary? "The new Biology" This documentary film features the wave of cutting-edge technologies that now provide the opportunity to create predictive models of living systems, and gain wisdom about the fundamental nature of life itself. The potential impact for humanity is immense: from fighting complex diseases such as cancer, enabling proactive surveillance of virulent pathogens, and increasing food crop production. This documentary film has been co-produced and directed by Eric Schadt, and has won an award at the Prague Life Science Film Festival. It should be on all the networks, & required material in schools.

    Cristina Montané.

  8. My husband who is a technical guy has watched this tape and shown it to others a number of times. He is so excited about this. This is the most interest he has shown on cfs and says this is our best hope for our daughter.

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