Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dr. Derek Enlander

Dr. Derek Enlander has a practice in New York City. His office is in midtown NY, on 69th and Fifth Avenue. Dr. Enlander has been treating CFS for many years. Originally hailing from Belfast, Ireland, Dr.Enlander got sidetracked into CFS/ME in the early 1990’s, trying to solve a fatigue problem of a childhood friend with ME. Many doctors and researchers get entangled in this CFS/ME field through chance. They either have (or have had) the disease themselves, or have tried to help a friend or relative. Many years later, Dr. Enlander is seen as one of the top CFS doctors in the world.

Dr. Enlander is a very bright, kind and thorough doctor who has a great deal of experience with CFS/ME. Before he devoted himself to the field of ME, he studied the relationship of Epstein Barr virus to cancer. He came to New York as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, and then served as Associate Director of Nuclear Medicine at New York University (NYU). He is now in private practice with extensive professional connections in the field, especially in Israel, the UK, Ireland and Europe. Dr. Enlander serves as Physician-in-Waiting to the British Royal Family and to several members of the British government during their visits to New York.

Dr. Enlander takes a detailed history and does a full physical for new patients. He orders a complete set of tests, done through Quest or Focus labs. His evaluation of the patient is then made.

His treatment protocol revolves around a chance encounter in the 1990’s with Kutapressin. In a Texas study Kutapressin, a peptide from pig livers, was found to bring benefit to a number of CFS patients. Dr. Enlander tested the compound with a variety of additional substances and was able to increase the efficacy of Kutapressin. Enlander says that 67% of his patients show improvement on his combination weekly injections. These injections are not a cure. These combo IM injections include Hepapressin (Kutapressin is no longer produced by Schwartz Pharmacy), cynacobalamin, glutathione, Calphosan, magnesium sulfate, folic acid and trace minerals. He also uses several other products, principally Immunoprop, Immunoplus, and Electrolyte made by Immunoprop Pharmacy. Dr. Enlander also uses Low Dose Naltrexone.

Dr. Enlander is seen as a kind and compassionate doctor. In reality he is reserved and can even by seen as shy. However, once he starts speaking people listen very carefully. I have seen him gives presentations on several occasions. There is nothing flashy about his lectures, but he presents a convincing authority and delivers diagnostic information without alot of flourishes.

Dr. Enlander is heavily involved in research for ME/CFS. He works closely with various other CFS doctors and researchers, including Dr. de Meirleir and Dr. Jonathan Kerr. He is currently doing a study with de Meirleir on Nexavir suppositories. He also communicates with Dr. Jose Montoya - as Dr. Enlander has a particular interest in antiviral treatment, especially with Valcyte for HHV6. Dr. Enlander also is involved with the new ME research group in Europe. Dr. Enlander will be giving a talk at the NYCFS/ME conference on October 18, 2009 in Eatontown, NJ. Dr. Susan Levine will also be giving a presentation at this conference..

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