Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lisa Nagy

When this Patient Advocate was attending the CFS conference in Ft. Lauderdale in 2007, he met a very interesting gal. Her name is Lisa Nagy and she was unsuccessfully trying to raise awareness at this conference for environmental poisoning. Living in San Diego and working as an ER doc, Lisa became mysteriously sick. Lisa was sick for many years with what turned out to be environment poisoning. She has cured herself, with help from others, and now is a powerful advocate of diagnosis and treatments for environmental poisoning. Dr. Nagy’s story can be found here.

Environmental poisoning affects many CFS/ME patients, often as a secondary reaction to the CFS/ME itself. CFS doctors like Cheney take toxicity from the environment seriously, although he thinks of environmental poisoning as a peripheral item to CFS/ME. For those of you that are interested Dr. Nagy has a website and is available for consultation on environmental issues. I have spoken with her on several occasions and she is very knowledgeable and helpful in her suggestions for my daughter. Among other things, she recommends that ill patients create an Oasis bedroom. This means removing all EMF devices, purchasing a mattress and bedding that does not have fire retardants, PBBs and other toxins, and using charcoal air filters in all rooms, but particularly in the bedroom She recommends several air filters.

Dr. Nagy works closely with Dr. William Rea, the foremost expert in environmental testing and treatment. He runs a clinic in Dallas TX. At the moment Dr. Nagy does not practice medicine. but she has applied for a license in MA where she now lives. She travels to environmental conferences - gathering information, and giving lectures. Environmental illness seems to overlap in many instances with CFS/ME in much the same way as thyroid issues or MCP or Gulf War Syndrome. For those with environmental issues, Dr. Nagy can be very helpful.

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