Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alexander Khoruts, M.D.

I first read about Alexander Khoruts and his work a good number of years ago.  He is right here in Minnesota at the University of Minnesota. He is a world leader in fecal transplantation and it is exciting to have him working so close by to where I live in Minnesota. Minnesota is not known to be a state that is aware of or gives legitimacy to ME/CFS (an understatement), so the possibility that a treatment for ME/CFS might emerge here is welcome news.

Here is an article on Dr. Alexander Khoruts, from the Guardian. As usual, the comments are interesting and informative.

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  1. This Doctor and his "Nurse Laura" are the most inconsiderate and cruel practitioners. Dont waste your time in hoping that this is a suitable alternative. His nurse is a lazy pig with an attitude...and if you dare to advocate for are no longer a candidate for the transplant. Even if you are bleeding to death from having cdiff for 12 years. I hope his Nurse contracts cdiff.