Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yellow Soup

There was another fantastic and interesting article on Dr. Alexander Khoruts today. It appears in City Pages, is entitled The Forgotten Organ (Mysteries of the Microbiome) and was written by Chris Parker. This fellow Dr. Khoruts, based right here in Minnesota, amazingly, is, along with Dr Thomas Borody, the most dynamic individual in this emerging field.

He took a 14th century idea, known as Yellow Soup, and updated it to the 21st century. Many people are standing back, wondering how such a "Progressive idea" could emerge in our own time. (This is a bit of a joke.)

I first read about Alexander Khoruts and his work a good number of years ago.  He is right here in Minnesota at the University of Minnesota. He is a world leader in fecal transplantation and it is exciting to have him working so close by to where I live in Minnesota. Minnesota is not known to be a state that is aware of or gives legitimacy to ME/CFS (an understatement), so the possibility that a treatment for ME/CFS might emerge here is welcome news.

Here is an article on Dr. Alexander Khoruts, from the Guardian. As usual, the comments are interesting and informative.

A more immediate scientific observation regarding short term fatty acids in the gut can be found here.

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