Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mindy Kitei at the FDA


  1. Thank you for posting this. As always, Mindy Kitei's comments were excellent! My favorite is this one "Dr. Leonard Jason of DePaul University has shown in published studies that CDC, in employing the Empirical Definition, is studying patients with Major Depressive Disorder, not patients with M.E. That’s like doing an HIV trial and none of the people are HIV positive. As a result of studying the wrong cohort, doctors are misinformed."


  2. Thank you Mindy.

  3. "International Disinformation Day".

    Dedicated to the utterly brazen hypocrisy of claiming to be interested in "CFS" while behaving the exact opposite.

    "Let me make something perfectly clear. The illness entity known as CFS, based on an outbreak of ME Plus, has never been fully investigated by
    anyone. Not one researcher has examined all of the evidence that caused the creation of this syndrome. NOT A SINGLE ONE. After nearly 30
    years. This is a disgrace of epic proportions. A disease that has brought brutal,relentless suffering to now millions of people and yet we have
    evidence that has been around since the inception of the syndrome that has never been examined."
    -Jeri McClure Kurre

  4. I ask that the missing posts be restored.

    In the interests of truth.

  5. ME and CFS researchers have no means whatsoever to convince me they are sincere about resolving CFS.
    They have demonstrated an utter unwillingness to examine the evidence from this incident.
    An absolute "Failure to Respond" that grows increasingly antagonistic and obstinate as time passes.

    I had been under the MISTAKEN impression that Dr Peterson and his Simmaron Research would always maintain some interest in this phenomenon, if nothing more than for "Old times sake"

    But Simmaron Research has taken the lead in turning a blind eye to what happened on this spot.
    They have no right to be picky about "deselecting" critical elements that were present.

    Having Hillary Johnson insultingly say I am "stealing" quotes from her book, as I explain the circumstances has crossed the line of bizarre counterproductive suppression of evidence.

    There is an objective measure for having a sincere interest in solving CFS, and that is the willingness to discuss the circumstances that resulted in the creation of the syndrome.


    Simmaron Research and Hillary Johnson completely FAIL on that score.

  6. Mary Schweitzer has a vague sense of what just hit you guys at the FDA meeting.
    How the attendees literally forced the FDA and the CDC to "agree" that CFS is "too heterogeneous" to be a discrete and diagnosable entity. Moving CFS below the minimum qualifications for "Syndromhood" (and for drug testing)

    But she doesn't understand her own part in it.

    This was the inevitable result of "But Erik, CFS didn't start anywhere. There were other clusters"

    The other clusters did not have the evidence Dr Peterson did, and they were not the basis of the new syndrome.

    By saying so, Mary Schweitzer and the other CFS advocates made the CDC's dream become reality.
    "CFS was based on nothing but opinons" which, as anyone can see who read "Hoosier's Weeb"*, is not how it really happened.

    (*Slightly altered to avoid copyright infringement)