Friday, February 1, 2013

Dr. John Chia with Llewellyn King, 3rd section

Here is the third section of a very fine interview with Dr. John Chia. The interview is conducted by Llwellyn King. Mr. King does us a great service in conducting these ME/CFS Alert interviews, and presenting ME/CFS information with such clarity. Clarity is something that is in short supply in this illness.

This interview should be required viewing material for anyone who is interested in this illness. Dr. Chia has a firm grasp on a very significant aspect of this complex illness. His ideas are attached to solid evidence - also something that is in short supply in this illness. It is always surprising to me that more clinicians and researchers are not assisting Dr. Chia and his ideas, which incidentally are not new ideas, but take us back to the very first studies of this illness in the UK.

It would be nice to have some validation of Dr. Chia's ideas through other clinical studies involving other clinicians and researchers. Perhaps I am just not privy to this information, but it seems that Dr. Chia is working on his own here - and to me this is a problem, as he has what looks like a significant part of the answer.

I wonder what Dr. Chia would think of Anatabloc? I wonder if he uses it with his patients?

I have written in other posts about Dr. John Chia - for those who might be interested.

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