Thursday, September 3, 2009

Terry Wahls

The Patient Advocate will spend a great many hours on the internet noodling around, trying to find things that will help his daughter. After hours and hours of doing this, the PA will learn what threads to follow, or what supplements or drugs to research. For instance this morning the PA was reading again about Garth Nicholson and NT Factor. The PA has known about Dr. Nicholson for many years and was able to meet and talk with him in London this year. Dr Nicholson gave a fascinating lecture at the May conference. It is available on the DVD of the conference. He has a website at In doing extensive reading on the internet about chronic illness, the PA learns many things about medicine, both alternative and mainstream. Occasionally the PA will stumble over items that have great allure - they hold out great possiblities for treatment of various illnesses- while at the same time having serious detractors. Such a drug is Dimebon. Dimebon, which was stumbled upon while researching mitochondria, is not without controversy. Perhaps you have read about it? Google alerts can be set on a word, and the alert will come up anytime a new mention of the item appears on the internet. In this way the PA follows a number of drugs. In January 2009 this PA stumbled on a radio interview with Dr. Terry Wahls. Dr. Wahls, a medical doctor in Iowa, has reversed her MS. Hers is an amazing story, and challenges fundamental concepts about illness. Dr. Wahls is a strong advocate of the connection of diet and the brain. Her website and blog lay out her ideas and experiences. Much of her information is free. She has written a number of books. Books or DVD presentations that can be purchased on her wesite; Her most recent book is Minding Your Mitochondria. Dr Wahls recently posted a study that measured glutathione in the brains of MS patients. For those of you who are interested in diet and mitochodria, this PA suggests that you check her blog:

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