Friday, January 11, 2013

More with Dr. John Chia - Llewellyn King Interview

Here is the second part of an ME/CFS Alert interview with Dr. John Chia. Llewellyn King does such a fine job at interviewing his subjects, proving that interviewing is an art. And his subject here, Dr. Chia, is about the best. Dr. Chia has done a great deal of clinical research characterizing a significant insult or pathogen in many ME/CFS patients - enteroviruses (various coxsackie and echo viruses). Here Dr. Chia speaks about treatment with oxymatrine (Equilabrandt), which seems to work in about 50% of cases.

I wonder if any hepatitis drugs in the pipeline would be useful for enteroviruses?

I also wonder if there is some manner in which oxymatrine could be made to be beneficial in a higher percentage of patients - a pretreatment of some sort with diet, gut ecology, and MAF-like substances. Any number of other ways to help lower the collective burden on the immune system might raise the success rate of oxymatrine. Dr. Chia seems to be such an innovator and so individualistic in his thinking - one would have to believe he is thinking along the lines of how to improve efficacy of the one weapon that he has against enteroviruses.