Saturday, July 10, 2010

1996 Prime Time report on CFS

In reading this morning I came upon this video posted by ixchelkali on the Phoenix Rising message board. Surprisingly I had not seen this before, but it struck me as something important to watch at this time. I decided to post it here for those that might not have seen ixchelkali's post. I thank ixchelkali for this reference.

Primetime from Barborka on Vimeo.


  1. I just stumbled across this video this morning as well. Very telling, especially in light of recent events.

  2. I am trying to remember if this actually aired at the time. Parts of it are somewhat familiar, but the bulk of it isn't.

    I do remember that several reports on CFS were suppressed at the last minute and I'm wondering if this is one of them. I was very ill at the time and I was in a desperate search for any information, anywhere

  3. Thank you for providing a continually excellent blog. Also, thank you for posting this video, it’s a nice succinct summary of the history of CFS. It’s also a topical reminder of CFS patient’s justified scepticism of the CDC.

  4. I remember seeing this video at the time--in 1996. I had already been sick for a decade, and this video seemed to me to present the truth, and I thought someone would notice. No one did. The illness went back into obscurity. I have wondered why, and now with the holding back publication of the NIH/FDA paper confirming XMRV, I'm beginning to understand a little better. The people at the CDC ignored this illness and the obvious viral aspects, along with the likeness to AIDS, and have now caused what Dr. Mikovits has characterized as the worst health crisis in the history of this country.

    No wonder they are looking for a way out. We must not let them cover up again. It could keep us sick for another 25 years.

    Patricia Carter