Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference - Dr. Enlander lecture

Dr. Derek Enlander, who practices medicine in NYC, was instrumental in arranging a one-day ME/CFS conference at Mt. Sinai Hospital on Sunday, November 20, 2011. Dr. Enlander is well known in the ME/CFS community for his devoted work with patients with this illness. Dr. Enlander has provided support and care for thousands of patients in NYC and indeed worldwide. He travels regularly to Ireland and England and attends most ME/CFS conferences, playing a very important role down in the "trenches".

With a recent generous gift to Mt. Sinai Hospital by one of Dr. Enlander's patients, Dwight Merriman, Dr. Enlander wasted no time in getting this research and treatment center at Mt. Sinai underway. In the process he has enlisted three top researchers, two of them previously unknown to ME/CFS research. These researchers are Dr. Eric Schadt, Dr. Miriam Merad, and Dr. Ila Singh. On the clinical side, two well-known ME/CFS researcher/clinicians will be collaborating with Dr. Enlander at Mt. Sinai - Dr Kenny De Meirleir and Dr. David Bell. They will be undertaking various treatment paths, some of which are outlined in Dr. Enlander's lecture. See also Dr. Kenny De Meirleir's lecture on the latest with GcMAF.

Dr. Enlander, ever the gentleman, gave the last lecture of the day on that Sunday. In many ways his lecture functioned as a summation of the day's presentations and pulled various threads together.

Collectively these six lectures at this conference gave those in attendance great hope for the future of ME/CFS research at Mt. Sinai Hospital. The Mt. Sinai ME/CFS Center gives every indication of wanting to work collaboratively to get at this disease. This entire enterprise is exciting news indeed and we have Dr. Derek Enlander and his fine colleagues to thank for it. Let us hope that this small scale, hard-hitting conference idea becomes a regular practice.

The audio and videos of these lectures were done by Peter Cairns and Nicholas Cairns.


  1. Dr. Enlander should learn more about what Dr. Cheney includes in that $3500 before making fun of another doctor who has devoted his life and career to this horrible disease. Will MAF 878 be given free of charge?

    1. Agreed anon. This is one of the reasons Enlander has a bad rep among some ME patients.

  2. Nobody has heard from Dr. Kerr for a year? Strange... If he had found another good job, probaby that would be known. If he has lost everything, there would be no reason for him to remain silent. I guess in the UK they don't threaten your or your family's lives, so it's hard to understand what happened there...

  3. And to be fair, i think in the studies where they used the phone book to find subjects, all the subjects were diagnosed at a doctor's office, they only used the phone book as a first step, in order to find people who possibly have ME/CFS. So if the diagnosing was done properly, that method might not have been that bad.

  4. I've been a patient of Dr Enlander's for 12 years, and I just wanted to say how proud I am to have him as my doctor. His compassion, patience, and open-mindedness have helped me and many others to manage this illness.

    We in the CFS community are very lucky to have Dr Enlander on our side. And the outstanding Mt Sinai conference that he organized gives me hope that, one fine day, there will be an answer.


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